Press release

Oct 29, 2020

CMPA welcomes six new members to its Board of Directors

TORONTO, October 29, 2020 – The CMPA today announced the addition of six new members to the organization’s Board of Directors. The announcement follows a partial Board election, held earlier this fall, as part of the CMPA’s commitment to elevate voices of individuals from underrepresented communities within its organization.

The new CMPA Board members are:

– Damon D’Oliveira, Conquering Lion Pictures
– Archita Ghosh, e→d films
– Jennifer Holness, Hungry Eyes Media
– Chantal Jackson, Vendetta Entertainment
– Darcy Waite, Turtle Mountain Media
– Haydn Wazelle, Tabula Dada Productions

“On behalf of the CMPA Board, staff, and the entire membership, I’m extremely pleased to welcome these six individuals to the Board of Directors, whose talent and experience will be a huge asset to our organization,” said CMPA Interim Chair, Erin Haskett. “While today’s announcement marks the end of our election process, it is just the beginning of the real work that lies ahead to dismantle barriers at the CMPA and across Canada’s entire media production sector.”

Among the tasks the new CMPA Board will now turn its attention to, is the formation of a committee to ensure broader inclusivity both within the CMPA and across the industry. CMPA members will receive ongoing updates from the organization on this and related initiatives, and will have the opportunity to get involved as these efforts continue.



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For more information:

Kyle O’Byrne
Manager, Media Relations & Communications, CMPA