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Aug 30, 2018

CMPA welcomes CRTC decision that will have a positive impact on Canadian independent production

OTTAWA, August 30, 2018—The Canadian Media Producers Association applauded today’s CRTC decision regarding conditions of licence for Canada’s large broadcast groups.

“Today’s CRTC decision means more jobs, more economic output, and most importantly, more of the shows that Canadians love,” said Scott Garvie, Chair of the CMPA Board of Directors and Senior Vice President at Shaftesbury. “By increasing the required investment in programs of national interest, the CRTC has underscored the important role that Canada’s independent producers and other creators play in a broadcasting system that reflects the diversity of voices, perspectives and stories that make up our national culture.”

“This is a big win for Canadian independent producers, creators, crews and, of course, audiences,” added CMPA President and CEO Reynolds Mastin. “It also reaffirms the role of the large private broadcasters as valued contributors to Canadian content. We look forward to working with them to ensure a bright future for the Canadian broadcasting system.”

Last summer, the federal government responded to industry concerns about the negative impact that would have resulted from reduced investment in Canadian programs by Bell, Corus and Rogers. Today the CMPA reiterated its appreciation for the government’s recognition of the critical role that Canada’s independent producers play in a modernized broadcasting system.

“With the review of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts underway, we look forward to continuing our discussions with the government and stakeholders about how all players who benefit from Canada’s broadcasting system can best contribute,” noted Mastin.

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