Press release

Sep 21, 2016

Canada’s French and English-language media producers announce joint effort to address evolving industry

MONTREAL, September 21, 2016—Today, board members from the l’Association québecoise de la production médiatique (AQPM) and the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) gathered for a joint meeting to discuss key issues facing independent producers across Canada. The meeting represents a renewed commitment from both associations to work together to address the changes that are taking place within the screen-based production sector, particularly in light of the recently announced consultations on Canadian Content in a Digital World, led by the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Mélanie Joly.

During the joint meeting the group discussed the pending consultations, as well as the upcoming CRTC Group Licence Renewal hearings, federal tax credit issues, and the regulation of Over-The-Top services and the participation of Internet providers to the CMF. There was also an agreement to work more closely together at both the staff and board levels to promote common positions.

“We are delighted that our community of independent producers from across the country recognize the importance of working together to play a constructive role during this important public dialogue” said CMPA board chairman Scott Garvie. “We need to ensure that we move forward with positive change that builds on the strong cultural and economic policy framework that has enabled our industry to achieve its dominant position today.  Bolstering that framework with innovative changes will allow content creators to continue to grow our dynamic businesses in the future.”

“Whenever producers are able to speak with one voice, we are able to advance key policy objectives for the betterment of the entire independent production sector, the industry at large, Canada cultural sovereignty and ultimately viewers and consumers across Quebec and Canada,” said AQPM Board Chairman and CMPA board member Jean Bureau. “Our linguistic duality and cultural diversity are defining strengths of our Canadian identity, and will inform our efforts to put forward innovative proposals while also enhancing citizen choice. And while the needs and solutions for the French and English markets may in some cases differ, our enhanced collaboration is particularly important in light of Minister Joly’s review.”