The future of Canada's production industry is at stake

The finish line is in sight! Urge government to pass Bill C-11

The Broadcasting Act was last updated over 30 years ago. Canada needs updated broadcasting legislation to ensure we can compete and succeed on the world stage.

The good news is that Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, is closer than ever to becoming law.

Join us in calling on the government to pass Bill C-11 with language that ensures a thriving Canadian production sector for decades to come.


Support the future of Canada’s media production sector. Use the tools below to urge government officials to pass the Online Streaming Act.

Please fill in your information below and click “SEND LETTER”. Based on your address, the letter will be sent to your local Member of Parliament, and the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage.



We represent Canada’s independent media producers, the business owners based in cities and towns across Canada that make the Canadian shows and movies you love. Producers are the creative entrepreneurs and risk takers that serve as the key touchpoint for all creative, financial, and business decisions that make a TV or film project a success. 

Today they are on the front lines of Canada’s changing media landscape. And without long-overdue updates to Canada’s federal broadcasting legislation, the Canadian industry is at risk of becoming become a whole lot less Canadian.