The virtual mentoring program facilitates networking and knowledge transfer from experienced CMPA members to emerging members, graduates of the mentorship program and also those intending to apply in the future.

The format of the virtual mentoring program consists of weekly or bi-weekly (depending on mentor availability) online sessions that would be 20-30 minutes in length and go over 3-6 months. Each session will focus on a topic predetermined at the beginning of the mentoring relationship.


  • Offer mentoring opportunities to emerging members, mentorship program alumni and potential applicants
  • Engage our members in the production community at this time of self-isolation


Once applications have been received, the CMPA will pre-screen applications. First, based on their applications and second by conducting a phone call with applicants who were retained after the first review.


Mentors will then receive the pre-screened applications and select the mentee or mentees they feel are able to provide the most value to. The CMPA will establish a procedure for the rollout of the mentoring relationship and create a checklist to facilitate the process with electronic aids, such as work templates, time tables etc.

Support and monitoring

The CMPA will facilitate setting up the first, introductory call and the mentor and mentee will schedule all subsequent calls.

The CMPA will be checking in with both mentor and mentee periodically. The CMPA will also provide the mentee with additional resources as applicable (for instance, links to free webinars in the areas where they are looking to upskill, white papers, etc.). The CMPA will also set up an electronic forum (via Google Groups) that will enable participants to connect online.

To cultivate a sense of community and to build their networks, there will be regular Zoom meet-ups for all mentees.

All personal information provided on this application is protected by federal privacy legislation.

Sarolta Csete
Director, Development & Corporate Affairs
1-800-656-7440 x338


Virtual Mentorship Program

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Please note that due to overwhelming demand mentee applications are not being accepted at this time.