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Sahkosh Productions Inc.

About us

Sahkosh Prod’ is a production company in the Grand Toronto Area, that produces series and movies, founded by Josiane Blanc & Ania Jamila, two women of colour who decided to join forces, determined to shed light on powerful human stories, from underrepresented communities, making the invisible palpable and the unheard listened to.

Sahkosh is a young Toronto-based production company that has won several international awards for their work in fiction and documentary. Sahkosh's mission is to create original content for film, television and digital platforms, primarily in French, but also in English. Whatever the format, the common denominator of all our projects is the ambition to create extraordinary stories that place underrepresented communities at the heart of the action and tell strong human stories. Without ever forgetting the entertainment aspect!

And what does Sahkosh mean? This neologism is referring to a French Canadian slang idiom “Su’a coche”, that means "On the mark". Josiane and Ania believe we can hustle and be serious about what we create, without taking ourselves too seriously.