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SK Enlightenment Films Canada

About us

SK Enlightenment Films Canada develops and produces stories by women (writers and directors), from women (developers, producers and crew), primarily for female audiences. Our mission is to tell stories aligned with our ideals of feminism, social impact and humanism by creating quality content for high end cable/streaming platforms and festival-quality feature films while empowering diverse Canadian talent. Our focus on a clear niche of female-centric stories comes from a place of deep authenticity, aligned with the values and past experiences and successes of the BIPOC and LGBTQI+ founders. SK Enlightenment Films Canada is part of a movement – towards inclusion, support, and giving back; towards creating non- stereotypical and authentic representation for underserved voices. We feel strongly that the best story telling is powerful and, used responsibly, changes people’s lives for the better. We select projects with the singularity of vision to stand out in today’s busy marketplace, and our focus is on supporting creative integrity, and a Canadian cultural legacy, especially when it comes to traditionally underrepresented communities.