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2716310 Ontario Inc. (Moving Visions Productions)

About us

Moving Visions Productions is a Canadian company with several projects in development. Company president Nikki Cole has many years of experience writing/producing/directing/show running over 15 TV series including TESSA & SCOTT, ICE ROAD TRUCKERS, CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON and KEEPING CANADA ALIVE.

MVP’s recent developments include The Other Medici, a 6-ep limited historical fiction series based on the extraordinary childhood of Catherine de Medici. Our scripts have won several awards including Best TV Pilot Screenplay at Oaxaca, Best Pilot Screenplay at Druk, Second Round at the Austin Film Festival, Finalist in the C21 and Evolution Mallorca Competitions, Finalist at the TIFF-CBC Screenplay Competition, Finalist in the Santorini Film Festival, and Hollyshorts, an Oscar-contending Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Moving Visions Productions has also produced pro-bono 20 award-winning webisodes for Tonembee Association as part of a fundraising campaign for a remote Eastern Kenya village: