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Throughout his prolific career he has produced films and TV series and music -based feature documentaries as well as having composed music for motion pictures, television, documentaries, Canadian news programs and award shows. He has also been the musical director of numerous live to broadcast events, and has directed studio sessions in countries around the world including Canada, the U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Italy, Russia, Austria and Slovakia. 
Some of Jack’s most notable feature film projects include composing for Mel Gibson’s Passion Of The Christ and for the feature film, The Last Door, starring Andy Garcia and Angela Bassett, and the documentary Prom Night in Mississippi featuring Morgan Freeman. Recently, Jack produced two feature music documentaries. “Who the Bleep is Arthur Fogel?” on EPIX US and “The Poet of Havana” for HBO.

Jack has also produced several TV series and documentaries. He is most renowned for his children’s TV series, nanalan, Mr. Meaty and Weird Years, all of which had heavy rotation on Canadian and international television. He also produces two reality series, Big Voice and Mansions for television in the US and Canada. Please refer to his website, Lenzent and Wikipedia