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GreenPeaks Productions Limited

About us

Co-Founder, Writer, and Actor
Dan McPeake has thought himself a storyteller. After graduating with an Associate of Arts in acting from Douglas College’s theatre program, lately he has focused on other aspects of his craft including writing, directing and producing two one-act plays, two short films and various poems and short stories. He is also host of the Endeavours Radio Podcast and up-and-coming freelance producer. He still dabbles in acting.

Founder, Director of Photography and Producer
Melissa Green is an experienced Cinematography, Producer, Photographer, Social Media Strategies and Editor. Melissa graduated from Centennial College with a diploma focused in Film and Broadcasting Production. Since her graduation, Melissa has worked internationally in three different countries in the USA, Israel and England. Melissa Green also helps run the Art Collective Called Softball Collective. Softball Collective uses art, design, publications, Film, and events to critique the world we live in and encourage others to create change together. Melissa Green currently has 4 documentaries, 7 short films, and 2 music videos.