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The Canadian Media Producers Association recognizes the importance of supporting our members in expanding international production partnerships and sales, and international market knowledge, as well as in strengthening links with international industry stakeholders.


We worked with a team of Certified International Trade Professionals (CITPs) specializing in trade in services to develop the ‘Exporting Screen-Based Content and Services’ workshop. It was designed to offer you a comprehensive, hands-on training to facilitate selling screen-based content and services into new international markets.

In addition to the recordings from the sessions,  you will find training materials, exercises and online export resources to assist you and your company expand your business internationally.

Training materials

The training materials and videos will walk you through the following four stages of export preparation:


  • Global context
  • What is export readiness?
  • Why have an export plan?


  • What is market research?
  • Sector information
  • Market information
  • What is market intelligence?


  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Building networks
  • Establishing credibility
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy
  • Customizing solutions


  • Strategic alliances
  • Travelling to the market
  • Planning your financing
  • International trade law
  • Intellectual property


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This PowerPoint presentation will guide you through the 4 stages of export preparation in detail. Download it, and follow along as you watch the training videos below.






Stage 1 - Preparing your business

Introduction to Export Plans

Length: 7:18

Many new exporters jump into new markets too quickly, are unprepared – and fail. It is important to do the necessary preparatory work, or you risk losing the investment of your time and resources. An export plan is a necessary tool in focusing your efforts in international markets.

Stage 2 - Conducting market research

Market Research

Length: 9:01

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Market research can reveal key information related to target markets, target customers and competitors, which empowers companies to make informed and strategic decisions.

Conducting a PEST Analysis

Length: 4:48

A PEST analysis looks at some of the broader factors affecting a market (political, economic, social and technological) and is a useful tool to utilize in market selection.

The Importance of a Strong Ecosystem

Length: 2:14

An ecosystem refers to a sector’s supporting environment. Who plays a role in the ecosystem of a media producer and why is having a strong ecosystem important in market selection?

Events as a Market Entry Strategy

Length: 4:08

Strategically attending key sector events is a useful market entry strategy. Find out which events might be worth considering and how one might reap success from attending.

Selecting a Target Market

Length: 9:36

Selecting the right market is fundamental in achieving international success. What are the steps in doing so?

Stage 3 - Developing a marketing plan

Building networks

Length: 6:13

The key purpose of networking is to increase business through the generation of referrals, access to new opportunities, enhanced credibility as well as access to information, intelligence and advice. Where should one look to build networks?

Establishing Credibility

​Length: 3:07

Building trust is one of the most important facets of selling services internationally, but how do you systematically build trust?

Website Best Practices

Length: 15:40

A website doesn’t only need to look good, but it needs to cover key information in order to build credibility and trust.

Building a Portfolio

Length: 2:23

For media producers, having a world-class portfolio is critical to expanding internationally. What are some of the fundamental best practices?

Stage 4 - Entering the market

Strategic Alliances

Length: 15:06

​The quickest, cheapest, easiest and most successful way for a company to export is via a strategic alliance with a partner in the market.

Money Matters

Length: 7:25

Developing international markets requires additional funding in order to carry out business activities. A financial plan is a critical element of the export plan.

Legal Considerations

Length: 3:35

International business crosses borders, also legal jurisdictions. Regulatory and legal considerations underpin every element of global business.

Intellectual Property

Length: 1:49

Understand the steps to protecting IP in international markets.



Export readiness assessment

Export plan template

Value proposition excercise

Website assessment