The deadline to submit your statement of interest is August 7, 2018.

Application process

Applications are only accepted via the form on this page and are only open to CMPA members in good standing.

Selection criteria

Applications will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Production and/or international co-production and sales experience
  • Clear objectives for joining the delegation
Selection process

A Selection Committee will choose up to 10 CMPA members  producers whose projects have the strongest potential for pre‐sale and are most ready to present and move forward, if greenlit.

Producers selected for the delegation will be notified by the end of August.


Susanne Vaas
Vice-President, Corporate & International Affairs
1-613-688-0950 /
1-800-686-7440 ext. 337

Sarolta Csete
Director, Development & Corporate Affairs
1-613-688-0952 /
1-800-686-7440 ext. 338

CMPA Mission to MediaCon (Dublin, Ireland) and Content London (London, England)

Up to 10 producers will be invited to join the CMPA delegation travelling to MediaCon (Dublin, Ireland) and C21’s Content London (London, England) from November 20-30, 2018, inclusive of travel days. The purpose of this initiative is to create co-production, financing and sales opportunities for CMPA members.

In addition to attending the events, selected participants will participate in activities organized specifically for the delegation with local and international producers, financiers and buyers. All activities will focus on creating opportunities for potential co-production, financing and/or sales for delegation members.

Financial assistance of up to $3,450.00 CDN or 50% of real costs (whichever amount is less) will be available to help offset a portion of travel, accommodation and conference registration expenses.