The Next Act

Earlier this year, the CMPA put forward its submission to the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review (BTLR) Panel. The core aim of our recommendations to the federal government is simple: support a media industry that advances Canada.


In response to a shifting global media environment, we have asked the government to update federal legislation in a way that continues to support a domestic media market that works in the interest of Canada—the citizens who make up our population, and the businesses that drive our economy.


Our submission is built upon two core principles:

Those who benefit from the system must also contribute to it


There should be no free rides for corporations that profit from Canada



New players, such as foreign streaming services, should be brought into Canada’s legislative and regulatory system to ensure they contribute their fair share


As the broadcasting system evolves, the government must protect consumers, and make sure Canadians have affordable access to Internet and telecommunications services


The government should guard against power imbalances that result in too few, concentrated voices, limiting choice and reducing access to Canada’s diverse, creative perspectives


Independent producers must continue to be an integral part of the system

In a digital world where foreign technology giants have a growing influence on our culture, Canada’s independent producers create programming that maintains our cultural sovereignty and reflects Canada’s diversity


Canada’s independent producers are made up of companies big and small, from regions across Canada, that employ tens of thousands of Canadians and generate billions in GDP


They are nimble organizations with the flexibility to drive innovation in storytelling and in business models, which propels the sector forward and builds Canada’s profile on the world stage


Their work reflects the regional makeup of Canada and the distinct creative and cultural perspectives of our population