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There are many ways for members to work more closely with the CMPA—from participating in strategic committees to sitting on the board of directors.


Are you an emerging producer eager to make your voice heard? Been a CMPA member your whole career and never joined a committee?

There are many opportunities available to suit your interests. To find out more about these committees or to participate, please contact the CMPA representative listed for each.

The CMPA’s committees are your opportunity to shape the direction of the association and, in turn, the industry.

Member expertise and feedback is key to our success, as it reflects the business realities faced by independent production companies on a daily basis. In this shifting media landscape, it’s more important than ever that members help us identify risks and opportunities, and provide input on the issues we present to government.

The CMPA is guided by a number of committees dedicated to the different branches of our strategy. Members of these committees participate in calls and discussions to set the agenda for the CMPA’s initiatives.



Works towards creating optimal conditions for the development, financing, production, distribution and discoverability of film, television and digital media content of all genres across Canada and abroad. Its mandate includes but is not limited to matters concerning federal tax credits, Canadian content certification and new business models.


CMPA representative


Liz Shorten, Chief Operating Officer


In addition, the Content committee will be accountable for the work undertaken by its six sectoral committees:


Feature Film

Works to ensure that Canada’s Feature Film Policy – and, more particularly, the Canada Feature Film Fund administered by Telefilm Canada – effectively responds to the needs of the CMPA’s feature film members.

CMPA representative

Liz Shorten, Chief Operating Officer


Works to ensure the fulfillment of the Canada Media Fund’s mandate, and address the concerns of independent television and digital producers. In addition, the Committee provides strategic oversight and direction to the CMPA Terms of Trade negotiating team in its negotiation of new Terms of Trade agreements/Codes of Practice with broadcasters, and in the identification and resolution of any issues under said agreements.

CMPA representative

Marcia Douglas, Senior Director, Business Affairs


Oversees CMPA’s work related to all CRTC proceedings and activities to ensure that the broadcasting regulatory environment, licensing decisions and policy framework effectively address the needs and reflect the interests of CMPA members.


Works towards creating optimal conditions for the financing and production of documentary film and television in Canada.

CMPA representative

Tracey Friesen, Managing Vice-President, BC Producers Branch

Kids & Animation

Assists the CMPA Board and staff on opportunities and issues relating to the advancement and promotion of the independent Kids Media sector in Canada and internationally.

CMPA representative

Marcia Douglas, Senior Director, Business Affairs


Creates opportunities to enhance international market opportunities and partnerships for Canadian film, television and digital media producers. Its mandate includes but is not limited to matters related to international trade agreements, the negotiation and administration of audiovisual co-production treaties, the CMPA’s international strategy and international trade missions.

CMPA representative

Sarolta Csete, Director, Development & Corporate Affairs



Promotes, advises upon, and assists with maximizing the value of the fundamental interests of members’ copyright holdings through domestic and international advocacy and administrative activities.

Industrial Relations


Guides the CMPA’s direction on any matter related to industrial relations, including negotiation strategy, legislation that affects our sector, and our agreements with the various unions and guilds.


CMPA representative


Sean Porter, Lead Negotiator and Senior Director, National Industrial Relations and Counsel

Member Services


Determines how the CMPA will provide demonstrable value for membership through outreach, services and benefits that motivate member engagement, and member guidelines that support the CMPA’s goals. The committee will also lead the CMPA’s diversity and anti-harassment-related initiatives.


CMPA representative


Andrew Addison, Vice-President, Communications, Marketing & Membership

Skills Development


Creates training opportunities in the film, television and digital media production industry, to ensure continuous workplace skills development and the injection of new talent into the workforce through a variety of professional development and mentorship opportunities.


CMPA representative


Andrew Addison, Vice-President, Communications, Marketing & Membership

Board of Directors


Liz Shorten
Chief Operating Officer
1-604-694-2711 /
1-866-390-7639 ext. 122

The CMPA’s Board of Directors represents producers working in all genres, in every region of the country.

Directors serve a two-year term. We strive for a board of talented and dedicated directors with a mix of expertise, experience, skills and backgrounds. Further, we are an inclusive organization that is committed to achieving gender balance and greater diversity, including on our board of directors.

View the current CMPA Board of Directors.