The Finalé/Picture Shop Producer's Panel Series

Nov 07, 2020 – Dec 05, 2020

The Finalé/Picture Shop Producer’s Panel Series presented by WIFTV goes online this winter November 7 – December 5, 2020, with 5 panels examining all aspects of production, from Development to Distribution, with an additional panel to explore Pathways to Representation.

WIFTV has brought together both senior and emerging producers from different genres, backgrounds and provinces to share their knowledge. Each producer brings a specific case-study to dissect and discuss with a moderator, culminating in a Q&A with participants.

The Series is designed for both emerging and intermediate producers wishing to learn from the experience of working producers and industry experts. The panel series is organized to follow the chapter formats of the Producer’s Workbook 5 and covers each phase of production from getting started, script and development through to distribution and marketing.