Rights, royalties, permissions, and payments: The Benefits of registering with ISAN Canada

Nov 13, 2019


On Wednesday, November 13, we will be hosting a “Need to Know” webinar for CMPA members, featuring Rose St. Pierre from ISAN Canada. The lunchtime conversation will highlight the benefits of ISAN registration for independent producers in Canada.

The International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) is a universal global numbering system and central database used to register audiovisual works. It is a simple, permanent identifier that can be processed by systems around the world, and is tremendously beneficial for rights administration, permissions, and payments.

Please join us to learn more about how to register your AV works with ISAN Canada, and the benefits of doing so.

This webinar is FREE to all CMPA members. Click here and follow the links in the Members Portal to RSVP.