National Roadshow - Broadcast and Telecommunications Review

Jul 30, 2018 – Sep 17, 2018

Halifax, NS   |   St. John’s, NL   |   Montreal, QC

Winnipeg, MB   |   Calgary, AB   |   Edmonton, AB

Toronto, ON   |   Vancouver, BC   |   Ottawa, ON

The CMPA is launching a national roadshow to hear from members on issues that could determine key elements of the future of independent production in Canada. The federal government is working towards modernizing the broadcasting and telecommunications framework that underpins our industry through their review of the Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Radiocommunication Acts. Our consultations with members will help to drive the recommendations we make to the federal government. We are traveling across Canada to hear from you, and hope you will participate when we come to your city.

Your participation in these sessions is critical. As innovative and risk-taking entrepreneurs, working on the frontlines of a rapidly evolving media landscape, your insights into how our broadcasting and telecommunications systems can serve you best are invaluable.