Living the French experience : all there is to know for international productions

Jun 07, 2023

With : Joanna Lorblanchet, Head of Attractiveness and Prospecting, CNC and Lola Legros, International Promotion Manager, Film Paris Region

During this session, you will discover all there is to know about the International Tax Credit as well as other incentives lead by CNC (an agency of the French Ministry of Culture, which is responsible for the production and promotion of cinematic and audiovisual arts in France), including the new VFX bonus. Paris Region will also give an overview of its green ambitions and ecosystem, as well as the financial help offered to sustainable productions – and give an overview of the impact of the 2024 Olympic Games for film shoots.  Finally, you will learn all about France’s 2030 Investment Plan for studios and training, whose laureates have just been announced at Cannes 2023.