interNATIONal Networking Day

Oct 19, 2018

Toronto, ON

imagineNATIVE is looking to for Canadian content agents, producers and exhibitors interested in collaborating with Indigenous screen and music creatives on new and upcoming projects as part of the first InternNATIONal Networking Day, October 19, 2018.

Held during the new imagineNATIVE Industry Days October 16 – 20 in Toronto, this full-day event is based on the successful framework of past Micro Meeting events, the only market event of its kind in the world dedicated to Indigenous content. The expanded activity will stream interests and the cycle of content production into five separate one-on-one round-robin style events with industry decision-makers. It provides valuable face-to-face time with Indigenous content creators for collaborative development, acquisition, sale or representation of talent and content.

We are looking for talent agents, producers looking to collaborate and/or employ Indigenous creatives on greenlit projects, and exhibitors of any platform.

For more details please contact Jakub Jasinski, Coordinator, Outreach & Member Services.