CMF Industry Consultation

Sep 10, 2018 – Oct 25, 2018

National Tour

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has opened registration for its fall 2018 cross-country consultations. The purpose of this outreach is to gather feedback from producers and other stakeholders to help shape CMF policy and programs.

During the focus groups, participants will have an opportunity to consider how changes in content consumption, market conditions, policy, and regulatory changes will impact the CMF’s funding programs, particularly in light of the Creative Canada Policy Framework and the review of the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Acts. Each focus group will last between two and three hours.

The schedule for the focus groups is as follows:

 City  Date
 Moncton, New Brunswick  September 10, 2018
 Halifax, Nova Scotia  September 11, 2018
 St. John’s, Newfoundland  September 12, 2018
 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island  September 13, 2018
 Edmonton, Alberta  September 18, 2018
 Calgary, Alberta  September 19, 2018
 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  September 20, 2018
 Regina, Saskatchewan  September 20, 2018
 Ottawa, Ontario  September 26, 2018
 Iqualuit, Nunavut  September 27, 2018
 Toronto, Ontario  October 2, 2018
 Montréal, Québec  October 4, 2018
 Quebéc, Québec  October 5, 2018
 Winnipeg, Manitoba  October 10, 2018
 Yellowknife, Northwest Territories  October 11, 2018
 Victoria, British Columbia  October 24, 2018
 Vancouver, British Columbia  October 24, 2018
 Whitehorse, Yukon  October 25, 2018


To attend one of these focus groups, click below.