Breakfast at TIFF: The Future of Our Provincial Ratings System

Nov 01, 2019

Toronto, ON

The Ontario government recently wound down the Ontario Film Authority (OFA) — the administrative agency responsible for the province’s motion-picture ratings system. The aim is to modernize the system in order to reflect the rapidly changing film market with increased streaming services and digital platforms. This session will provide a forum to consult on what film classification could look like in the future, while helping to chart the path forward.

Join us at Breakfast at TIFF on Friday, November 1 to hear from a panel of industry leaders, including the The Hon. Lisa Thompson, Minister of Government and Consumer Services.

The panel is moderated by Diana Sanchez, Senior Director of Film at TIFF.

During the session, you will:

  • hear from the Minister of Government and Consumer Services
  • share your experiences with film classification
  • learn how a new system impacts distributors, exhibitors, and audiences

A light breakfast will be served at 9am. The session commences at 9:30am. Please note: the onstage discussion may run longer than noted, depending on the Q&A.

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