Anti-Harassment Training for Producers

Feb 15, 2018

Harassment is an issue at the forefront of many workplaces today, whether in the office, on set or at a remote location. As the employers, producers have unique responsibilities, obligations and liabilities. To learn how to keep your workplaces and your business safe, we are presenting a workshop with Janice Rubin and Cory Boyd.

Janice is recognized as one of Canada’s leading employment lawyers and regularly appears on the Best Lawyers and Leading Practitioners lists in Canada.

While recognized for her depth of expertise in all areas of employment law, Janice is considered a leading authority in the area of workplace harassment and workplace investigation.

At Prime Time 2018, Janice led a roundtable discussion titled “Harassment: Changing the Culture” with the Honourable Marilou McPhedran and Read-Admiral Jennifer Bennett. To listen to that discussion, click here.


i. What is Sexual Harassment? – clarifying terms, how are different groups affected?
ii. What are Employers’ obligations? – who is the employer and who is the employee?
iii. Basics of Workplace Investigations – What triggers them and what are typical remedial steps an employer can take if wrongdoing is found?
iv. Bystanders – their crucial role – and how to motivate them

Note: a light lunch and snacks will be provided

The four training modules above will be taped and made available to those who are unable to attend in person.

Janice and Cory will also be preparing a sexual harassment handbook which will build upon the training and provide additional resources.

Other sexual harassment resources can be found here.