Christine Rutherford

Senior Manager, National Industrial Relations


Christine is the front-line resource for day-to-day inquiries relating to the CMPA’s labour agreements. As a member of the National Industrial Relations team, Christine provides support and guidance to producers on the application and interpretation of the CMPA labour agreements and assists in resolving disputes that arise from these agreements.

Prior to joining the CMPA, Christine worked for nearly two decades for a major industry guild, where she served as Manager of Agreement Administration and Director of Strategy & Outreach. Her experience included overseeing the enforcement of industry negotiated agreements and facilitating member outreach and education.

Christine is a graduate of Carleton University with a bachelor’s degree in English and film studies.

Growing up, Christine watched plenty of Canadian comedy. Her favorites are SCTV and The Kids in the Hall. Her most memorable Canadian movie is Cold Comfort because it’s even creepier than Misery, but made with a lower budget.