CPH: DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival – 2022

Sep 01, 2022

Founded in 2003, CPH: DOX is the third biggest documentary film festivals in the world. Each year, the festival presents a selection of more than 200 films and welcomes 2,000 industry professionals, journalists, and students. The festival takes place in Copenhagen and online. CPH: DOX focuses on three main tracks: science, society, and art.

The festival selects films for six international competitions as well as several non-competitive sidebars. Dox:Award is the international main competition; The Next: Wave is dedicated to emerging filmmakers; F:ACT Award is dedicated to films in the field between documentary filmmaking and investigative journalism; and New: Vision presents ground-breaking experiments in the area between documentary and artistic reflection.

CPH: DOX also offers professional seminars, a screening market, and the international financing and co-production event CPH: FORUM, as well as the film production program CPH: LAB.

The festival is accepting films for its 2023 edition.

The deadline for films finished by September 1, 2022 is September 1, 2022
The deadline for films finished after September 1, 2022 is December 1, 2022