The future of Canada's production industry is at stake

Pass Bill C-11 and support independent producers

Our broadcasting laws are outdated. 

The Broadcasting Act was last updated over 30 years ago. Canada needs updated broadcasting legislation to ensure we can compete and succeed on the world stage.

The good news is Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, is closer than ever to becoming law. But as the future of our industry hangs in the balance, the government must get this right.


Canada’s broadcasting system must include a “significant contribution from the independent production sector”.

Independent producers create a diversity of programming that reflects the regions, people and perspectives of this country.

But new language added to the draft bill will dilute the role of independent producers in Canada’s broadcasting system.


The government needs to get this right

The goal of Bill C-11 is to level the playing field between large global streaming services, domestic broadcasters, and Canada’s independent producers.

We need to let the government know they need to pass Bill C-11, with language that safeguards the important role of independent media producers.

The final legislation must meet the objectives it was drafted to achieve.



Thanks to all who wrote Senators in support of this amendment.

The Move to Modernization

The Online Streaming Act is vital for Canada’s production sector, Canadian audiences, and our stories. Every plot needs a resolution. Track the progress toward passing this important legislation.

Indie Is...

Who makes the Canadian shows and movies you love? Canada’s independent media producers!

Have a favourite Canadian TV show? Chances are an indie producer made it.

Those Canadian films getting all the hype on the festival circuit? Again, it’s more than likely you’re hearing about an indie producer’s work.


We represent Canada’s independent media producers, the business owners based in cities and towns across Canada that make the Canadian shows and movies you love. Producers are the creative entrepreneurs and risk takers that serve as the key touchpoint for all creative, financial, and business decisions that make a TV or film project a success. 

Today they are on the front lines of Canada’s changing media landscape. And without long-overdue updates to Canada’s federal broadcasting legislation, the Canadian industry is at risk of becoming become a whole lot less Canadian.