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Independent Producers Reach Historic Deal with Alberta Labour Union | Canadian Media Producers Association

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Independent Producers Reach Historic Deal with Alberta Labour Union

CALGARY, April 6, 2017—

The Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) is pleased to announce the conclusion of negotiations with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 362, resulting in the first-ever collective agreement between these two parties in the province of Alberta.

The negotiated master agreement outlines terms and conditions for all Alberta-based productions employing Teamsters Local 362 union members. The agreement will allow producers to accurately forecast production budgets based on the set terms under which members of Local 362 will work.

“We’re proud to have reached this historic agreement with Teamsters Local 362,” said CMPA president and CEO, Reynolds Mastin. “The Teamsters have taken a leadership role in streamlining the process that will allow producers the certainty to hire talented local labour and ensure the success and growth of Alberta’s screen-based production industry. This is a win for all involved in media production in Alberta.”

"Entering into this master agreement sends a strong signal to perspective producers about the stability and long term viability of the industry,” said  Alan Porter, President, Teamsters Local 362. It also allows the producer to safely navigate the landscape when considering future productions in Alberta in years to come.”

"Having spoken to labour relations representatives at the major studios in Los Angeles, the overriding message was clear – labour stability is an important factor when productions are considering where to develop a final product,” added Wayne Garner, Vice-President, Teamsters Local 362. “We have an obligation to our members to make every effort to secure a landscape that makes Alberta a long-term option for producers."

"These negotiations were a model of collaboration,” noted the CMPA’s Vice-President of National Industrial Relations and Senior Counsel, Warren Ross. “Both sides recognized the potential to benefit our respective members, and all worked tirelessly to see the deal through.”

Alberta’s screen-based media production industry generated $246 million in production volume and created over 5,000 full-time jobs in 2016 alone. This new agreement will provide stability within the industry and promote growth, so more made-in-Alberta programming can be produced for both Canadian and international audiences.  

“As an independent producer, it’s essential to be able to accurately budget and plan well in advance of production,” said Tom Cox, managing partner of Calgary-based production company SEVEN24 Films and Chair of the CMPA’s bargaining committee. “The agreement we’ve reached with the Teamsters will lead to a stronger, more predictable production industry in this province and that’s good news for all of us."

SEVEN24 Films is the production company behind the hit series Heartland. Shot in High River, the show is the longest-running drama in the history of Canadian television and was recently renewed for a history-making eleventh season. SEVEN24 also produces Wynonna Earp, which was named one of 2016’s best new shows by Variety magazine.