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Merging Media Talks | Canadian Media Producers Association

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Merging Media Talks

The CMPA is proud to support Merging Media, Where Screen Content Means Business. To celebrate M+M's 5th Anniversary, we’re thrilled to launch the first Merging Media Talks speaker series and Inaugural #MM5.0 Digital Online Content Marketplace.

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I See You - Engaging AVATAR's Global Fan Community

Kathy Franklin, President of Franchise Development at James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment, reveals the multi-platform strategies behind the growth of the Avatar franchise and discusses the critical role of Fan Engagement and the Global Fan Community in laying the groundwork for the Avatar sequels.















 Cracking the Code on Hybrid Financing - A Global Challenge

It's a question of sustainability. As more companies get involved in convergent and multi-platform production, we are faced with the constant need to find new and hybrid strategies to support the efforts. Are these new endeavors sustainable through the usual funding and financing mechanisms? Our panel of global thought leaders grapples with the Elephant in the Room, and comes up with some fresh directions. Panelists: Valerie Creighton (Canada Media Fund, Canada), Gary Hayes (StoryLabs, Australia), Michel Reilhac (former Arte Film Commissioner, France), Andra Sheffer (IPF, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Canada), Annika Gustafson (BoostHbg, Sweden). Moderator: Brian Seth Hurst (The Opportunity Management Company, USA).

Navigating the Expanding Media Universe and Identifying Merged Media Production Pipelines

From idea to proof of concept to build to users and back again - here's a quick review of opportunities in some of the latest multi-platform production techniques and services. How do we make choices with so many digital media platforms and Apps available to us now? What methodologies can we use to find the most appropriate medium and technology to adopt for our latest story property? With so many distribution channels, how do we create, reach and ensure that we are user centric and able to distribute and grow our Multiplatform creations? Transmedia Guru, recent ABC TV Multiplatform Product Manager and StoryLabs CEO, Gary Hayes, maps out the challenges faced in designing a cohesive story universe today, using examples from from new game and web formats through to 2nd screen, social TV, and reveals how some producers are incorporating emerging business models to sustain their transmedia careers.

Inventing Next Gen TV - Opening the Box to Second Screen and Beyond

Has Second Screen become mainstream? Has it become the clear and present future for TV? This and more to be discussed by this lively panel of leading experts and multi-screen practitioners who will chew on questions like, “What key challenges do producers and content creators face in multiple screen production today?” and “What can we anticipate will change over the next few years with the wave of changing consumer patterns and dynamic delivery mechanisms?” Stay tuned to find out why you should look before you leap.Panelists: Steve Peters (No Mimes Media), Victoria Evans (, Jay Bennett (Smokebomb Entertainment Inc.), Brian Seth Hurst (Opportunity Management Company) Moderator: Caitlin Burns (Starlight Runner Entertainment).

Building Out Transmedia Strategies: Where Storytelling & Marketing Collide

Engaging audiences is not new to storytellers - it's called marketing. Though as storytelling continues to evolve in the 21st century, marketing becomes less about shaping audience's opinions of a story and becomes more about creating story experiences that captivate and engage audiences and building relationships with them. Lara Hoefs, The Twilight Saga Brand Manager and Transmedia Producer, takes a social psychological perspective on building successful transmedia storytelling strategies. Using case studies of The Twilight Saga and other examples, Lara dissects the way in which 21st century storytelling and marketing have become intricately intertwined with lines blurring as to where storytelling ends and marketing begins (and vice versa). Story creators are challenged to think more like marketers. And marketers, like storytellers. Within these blurring lines is where the problem of IP monetization begins to work itself out. Find out how each story experience within the IP strategy ends up being a stream of IP revenue, a means of building awareness/engagement (marketing) or both.

Building the Successful Transmedia Indie Film Franchaise - The Beat Girl Story

When Transmedia superstar Nuno Bernardo, Creator of the Irish/ Portuguese transmedia world Beat Girl, first launched his character's profile on Pinterest, few would have suspected how large her story universe would grow and how successfully it would be transported onto a myriad of other platforms, from Facebook to e-book, to a popular webseries and feature film. Filipa Almeida, shares how the beActive Team led by Nuno systematically challenged traditional marketing and distribution models to successfully create their own indie film franchaise, while providing keen insights into how they adopted this admirable new transmedia business model.



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