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Permittee Membership

The Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) has established a Permittee Membership that allows producers who otherwise may not be eligible for full CMPA membership to register with the association on a per-project basis. As a Permittee Member you may take advantage of member discounts on the administration fees payable under the various CMPA negotiated agreements. Additionally, you may use our Industrial Relations teams to assist in resolving disputes with unions and guilds. Permittee Members are not entitled to other discounts and benefits normally available to CMPA members, nor are they able to vote.

Permittee Membership fees are dependent on the nature of the production:

 Series $4,500
 Mini-series $4,500
 Feature, movie of the week or pilot $3,500


Should a pilot result in a series, the producer will pay a top-up fee of $ 1,000, for the first season of the series. Subsequent seasons would be subject to the full series fee of $ 4,500.

All permit and administration fees are subject to GST/HST with rates based on the province of production. The CMPA GST/HST number is 121408322RT.

Permitee Membership application (PDF) (also availble as DOC)


Completed Permittee Member applications should be sent to:


160 John Street, 5th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2E5
Attention: Elizabeth Barr


Telephone: 416-304-0280 Ext. 221
Toll-free: 800-267-8208 (Canada Only)
Fax: 416-304-0499 

British Columbia

Please make cheques payable to CMPA-BC

600 - 736 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6Z 1G3
Re: Permittee Member Application


Telephone: 604-682-8619 Ext. 223
Toll-free: 866-390-7639 (Canada Only)
Fax: 604-684-9294


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Coordinator, National Industrial Relations & Business Affairs

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Director, BC Industrial Relations & Member Services

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