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The Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) has experts in regulatory affairs, industrial relations, government policy and legal and business affairs. They come from a variety of backgrounds and many have direct experience in the production industry. 

Ottawa office 

1- 613-233-1444 / 1-800-656-7440 / Ext. 0

Toronto office 

1-416-304-0280 / 1-800-267-8208 / Ext. 0 

Vancouver office 

1-604-682-8619 / 1-866-390-7639 / Ext. 0

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First Name Last Name Email Title Phone Number
Andrew Addison email icon Vice-President, Communications & Marketing 416-304-0280 ext. 228
Elizabeth Barr email icon Coordinator, National Industrial Relations & Business Affairs 416-304-0280 ext. 221
Susan Brinton email icon Senior Project Manager (BC Producers Branch) 604-694-2717
Nadine Brito email icon Receptionist and Administrative Assistant 416-304-0280 ext. 0/224
Jennifer Buchanan email icon Director, BC Industrial Relations & Member Services (BC Producers Branch) 604-694-2713
Debra Bullis email icon Administrative Assistant, Operations 613-233-1444 ext. 0
Sarolta Csete email icon Director, Development & Corporate Affairs 613-688-0952
Sandy Dobson email icon Vice-President, Finance & Operations 613-688-0947
Marcia Douglas email icon Director, Business Affairs & Digital Initiatives 416-304-0286
Erin Finlay email icon Chief Legal Officer 647-789-2492
Emily Holtby email icon Director, Government & Policy Affairs 613-688-0946
Jakub Jasinski email icon Coordinator, Outreach & Member Services 416-304-0280 ext. 222
Claire Lucht email icon Executive Assistant to Reynolds Mastin 416-304-0280 ext. 232
Ryan MacArthur email icon Office Manager (BC Producers Branch) 604-694-2710
Reynolds Mastin email icon President and CEO 416-304-0287
Nicholas Mills email icon Director, Research 613-233-1444 ext. 325
Lisa Moreau email icon Director, Member Services & Special Events 613-690-0900
Kyle O'Byrne email icon Coordinator, Communications & Media 613-233-1444 ext. 333
Marguerite Pigott email icon Vice-President, Outreach & Strategic Initiatives 647-789-2490
Megan Postin email icon Coordinator, Information Technology 613-233-1444 ext. 314
Prema Raj email icon Accounting Assistant 613-233-1444 ext. 351
Warren Ross email icon Vice-President, National Industrial Relations & Senior Counsel 416-304-0281
Marc Séguin email icon Senior Vice-President, Policy 613-688-0948
Victoria Shen email icon Director, National Industrial Relations and Counsel 416-304-0279
Liz Shorten email icon Managing Vice-President, Operations & Member Services (BC Producers Branch) 604-694-2711
Susanne Vaas email icon Vice-President, Corporate & International Affairs 613-688-0950