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B.C. Branch Council | Canadian Media Producers Association

About CMPA

B.C. Branch Council

The B.C. Producers Branch (B.C. Branch) of the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) is a separate entity with its own 8 member Board of Directors.  The BC Branch focuses on issues of concern to over 75 CMPA members in BC.  And while the Branch has its own by-laws and Branch Council it abides by the rules, regulations and direction of the CMPA.



Chair Rob Simmons

Atomic Cartoons

Vice-Chair Margaret Mardirossian

Anaid Productions Inc.


Brian Hamilton

Omnifilm Entertainment Inc.

Treasurer Kim Roberts

Honalee Productions

 Member at large Steven Thibault Bron Studios Inc.
 Member at large Erin Haskett Lark Productions Inc.
 Member at large

Kim Dent Wilder

Rainmaker Entertainment Inc.
 Member at large Trevor Hodgson First Look Media


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1-604-682-8619 / 1-866-390-7639 / Ext. 0