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B.C. Producers Branch

The B.C. Producers Branch (B.C. Branch) of the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) is a non-profit trade organization that works on behalf of over 75 British Columbia companies engaged in the production and distribution of television, feature film, and digital media content.  More specifically, it promotes the general interests of its members municipally, provincially, federally, and internationally; negotiates and manages labour agreements with guilds and unions; and undertakes a variety of industry development initiatives to build the capacity of BC based companies.


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Liz Shorten Email

Managing Vice-President, Operations & Member Services

1-604-682-8619 / 1-866-390-7639 / Ext. 222


Susan Brinton Email

Senior Project Manager

1-604-682-8619 / 1-866-390-7639 / Ext. 225


Jennifer Buchanan Email

Manager, Industrial Relations & Member Services

1-604-682-8619 / 1-866-390-7639 / Ext. 223


Ryan MacArthur Email

Office Manager

1-604-682-8619 / 1-866-390-7639 / Ext. 221